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Jan 28

Video from Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show Live! Here’s The Bikini Carwash Company performing their song Dinosaurs, which you may recognize as the theme to The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show. 

I consider Dinosaurs to be an integral part of my podcast, and once I booked the live show I knew the song had to have a presence. The Bikini Carwash Company is the project of my friend Scott, whose pizza tour and pizza exploits often grace this blog. Scott was awesome enough to put together a band, and they were all awesome enough to come to the show pretty much just to play this 90-second song. Thanks again Scott, Mike, Joe, and Eric.

The Bikini Carwash Company is not a one hit wonder. I highly recommend their no-filler album “Bicycle,” which you can get on iTunes.

The entire live show is being posted tomorrow as a podcast but as a reward for reading this far here’s an early link to the MP3 right now.

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