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Feb 28

In case the picture of me and a giant plush Chewbacca didn’t give it away, this week The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show visits ToyFair! In this one episode you will hear interviews with…

  • The president of Jads International, a company that manufactures Avengers/Star Trek/Star Wars cologne.
  • The mom-and-dad inventors of Lay-n-Go, an activity mat that reduces toy cleanup to seconds.
  • A designer at JazWare Toys who works on such toys for such brands as Star Wars, Sonic, WWE Mortal Kombat, and Adventure Time.
  • The founder/CEO of Speed Stacks, a company that produces competitive cup stacking equipment.
  • The VP of Product Development at K’nex, who worked on Angry Birds and Mario Kart K’nex.
  • A Duncan Yo-Yo team member who went on to become Duncan’s sales and marketing coordinator.

Still not interested? What do you people want from me? FINE! I will also throw in Dorkly’s Owen Parsons on every interview, and an analysis of our favorite toys at the show. 

This is one of those weeks where I hope listening to the show is half as fun as making it was.

You can listen to the enhanced version of The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show (with even more pictures than usual this week) on YouTube or iTunes, and the vanilla MP3 version at

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