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Sep 7

More research from “Bad Video Game Movies: The Definitive History,” a show/presentation Pat and I wrote that we’re premiering this Sunday at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin TX.

Pat and I both love bad movies, so when we started looking for clips to show we foolishly agreed, “Great, watching every videogame movie will be fun.” We were wrong. Most of these movies are so bad it’s like there’s a magical forcefield around the movie that prevents you from simply paying attention, much less enjoying yourself (Doom, Hitman, and Wing Commander, just to name three non-Uwe Boll examples).

One ray of light was Chris Klein’s performance as Charlie Nash in the Street Fighter reboot, “The Legend of Chun-Li.” This kid really Nicholas Cages the fuck out of the movie. It’s that level of bad where it loops back around to good and you start to wonder if maybe it’s on purpose. He really steals the movie (nothing personal, Neal McDonough as M. Bison)

So Pat and I took “The Legend of Chun-Li,” and threw out every scene that didn’t have Chris Klein. Then we threw out every line of dialog that wasn’t spoken by Chris Klein. What we’re left with is something of a fan-edit. It’s like “Street Fighter: The Legend of Charlie.” It’s Charlie’s side of the story.

The show is finally locked now and we’re really excited. Here’s the info on Facebookhere’s where to get tickets.

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